An overwhelming sense of existence and overwhelming ability of collection fish.
Non-standard 30cm 300g that inevitably reached it at last to drag out monster. It starts from Cast, and a peculiar splashdown sound. And, existence that is full of confidence. It is not stale all from the retrieve to picking up. It is Mother. Power to draw big basses that has not been seen. Unexpected action of bass. The thing that cannot be experienced before every time Mother is thrown out will happen to you. of course you know, it cannot easily meet the super-big bass. There is the world that can be seen because of Mother which cannot tell all by the item of lure. 30cm, 300g, and rip-less. Neither the experience nor the established theory apply. We are learning from a completed thing now. RomanMade is seriously opposite to the fish with the conviction in a dreamlike reality. Mother is Romanmade’s style, and the lure that led the dream to the reality.

Four years from development.�@From the left denture mold�c
(From the back)
The vicinity- of eye
The upper part- of tail

The fact that a lot of signs of the byte have been left for these was able to be confirmed.
The release of the back hook was decided from the thing.

MOTHER CUSTOM Use is a little different from the original,
and Bottomstay�Shake.
There is a situation in which the back hook specification is skillful.
Because being able to come to the place that had been given up up to now in Cast, and to pass the obstacle surroundings through tightness are this back hook specifications, it is tasks accomplished.
The concept of the original and the lure is the same.
It is the back hook specification, and “or more The possibility is expanded” deflecting is our desire.

How To Use
The meander action is drawn right and left, and coquettish movement of the medium bait fish that did in a relaxed manner is produced. Wide depth can be approached by the rod work and the line control.
The maximum feature of fast retrieve is a voluntary motion of the lure. The mother’s weight setting that hitting lure’s side is done from the meander action for the lure in an over tension the retrieve or an irregular of the water current. Therefore, it becomes an element to cause the effect of flushing and the reaction byte.
– Fall & Jerk
It is made to fall freely after Cast, it is made to take up an extra part of the line after the bottom of arrival, to flap the rod continuously 2 or 3 times, and to fall freely again, the same operation is repeated. The feature of this action causes fish’s byte by quietness (free-fall) and the movement (jerk). Please do this method with great care so that danger to which the lure is caught in the place where a lot of obstacles exist in water.




– Painting comes off when the impact more than assumption is given as the self-respect of the lure heavily throws it at the obstacle for wooden. The body might be damaged.
– The needlepoint is sharp, dangerous, and note handling, please.
– Please confirm there is no person in surroundings but safety when you use it.
– Please do not use it for the usages other than fishing.
– Please avoid keeping with the locations subject to high temperatures and high humidity for wooden. The crack and painting cause flaking off.
– Please keep it in the place where child’s hand doesn’t reach.
– Please avoid keeping with the locations subject to high temperatures and high humidity for wooden. The crack and painting cause flaking off.
– The damage of the body and painting and original action, the function, and strength, etc. might decrease when remodeling it.
– Please adjust the place where the line is connected when the lure doesn’t swim straight.
– To protect the body when painting comes off or the crack is generated, filling is done with a urethane system paints. Please often dry and use it.
– Please acknowledge peeling off of the part painting when it uses and with the rose of weight for wooden homemade. There is no movement influence of the lure.


圧倒的存在感, 圧倒的集魚能力

MAXを引きずり出すために必然的にたどりついた規格外 30cm 300g キャストから始まり、特有の着水音、そして自信に満ち溢れた存在感、リトリーブからピックアップまですべてにおいて気が抜けない、それがマザーだ。
見た事のないビッグバスを引き寄せる力。バスの意外な行動。今までに体験できなかった事ばかり。スーパービッグには簡単にはたどりつけない。 ルアーというジャンルでは語れないマザーでしか見れない世界がある。
30cm 300gリップレスにたどりついた。今までの経験や定説は当てはまらない。出来上がった物から今も学んでいるからだ。 RomanMadeは、夢のような現実の中で確信を持って魚と本気で向き合っています。







Photo Gallery


  • 木製のため、ルアー自体の自重が重く障害物にぶつけるなど想定以上の衝撃を与えると塗装が剥げたり、ボディが破損する場合があります。
  • 針先は鋭く危険ですので取扱いにご注意下さい。
  • ご使用の際は、周囲に人がいないことと安全をご確認下さい。
  • 釣り以外の用途にご使用にならないで下さい。
  • 高温多湿になる場所での保管はお避け下さい。クラックや塗装はがれの原因となります。
  • テールが変形しないように保管して下さい。
  • お子様の手の届かない場所に保管して下さい。
  • 改造を行なうとボディの破損及び塗装のはがれ、もともとのアクションとルアーがもつ機能、強度等が低下する恐れがあります。
  • ルアーが真っ直ぐ泳がない時はアイトゥルーチューンによって調節して下さい。
  • 塗装が剥げたりクラックが発生した場合、ボディを保護するためウレタン系塗料で目止めをし、よく乾燥させてご使用下さい。
  • 木製ハンドメイドのためウエイトのバラつき、使用の際の一部塗装のはがれはご了承下さい。ルアーの動きには影響ありません。